Halloween Cereal Trio - Three 4oz

Halloween Cereal Trio - Three 4oz

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You guys LOVED this Trio last year, so it's back!

Franken Berry Scented Slime 4oz

Thick and glossy slime with red and white jumbo floam beads and pink mini floam beads. With a Yummy Franken Berry Cereal Scent!

Boo-Berry Scented Slime 4oz

This is a thick and glossy slime with various floam beads, scented blueberry cereal. 

Count Chocula Scented Slime 4oz

This is a white thick slime with brown and white floam beads and various sprinkles and fimo pieces. Scented like count chocula cereal. This is super thick.

All 3 of these slimes make the BEST BUBBLE POPS!

Should your slime become sticky, enclosed will be step-by-step instructions with slime enhancer. 

Please Note: Not edible :-)
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